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Great! Let’s see if you agree with our approach to email success first:


First, you have to get the right leads… at scale.

The cheapest and most effective way to do this is usually with:

A Lucrative Lead Magnet (based on our ARR system)

And Paid Ads.

If you already have a way of doing this, great! If not, we can help you set it up.


Then, you have to build a relationship with those leads and differentiate yourself from all your competitors. Not by boring them to death with "better information," but by...

Telling better stories,
Being entertaining, 
And standing for something.

This process starts with the lead magnet and it ends... never...


Doing this consistently means people see you not just seen as an expert in this space, but a LEADER in this space. (Homage to Ben Settle for this concept.)

This means emailing daily (or at least 1-2x per week).

Otherwise, all that effort in getting those leads and building a connection is better spent elsewhere.

We Can Help With All of the Above!

But we do things a little bit differently here.

We don’t do long, convoluted sales calls, we don’t hide our prices, and we don’t work with everyone who wants to work with us.

And, as you might be able to tell, there are no “Book a Call” buttons or forms anywhere

That’s because if you want to work with us…

You have to join our email list first!

You’ll get daily emails on how to use email to sell authentically, ethically, and without all the hype or BS.

Once again, these are DAILY emails, so please don't opt-in and then get confused when you get these emails... You guessed it... Daily.

This way you’ll be able to see how we do things, know if you like (or don’t like) our style, and most importantly…

Get first dibs when we actually open up our Done for You spots!

If you see a form when you submit your email, that means we have a couple Done for You spots open RIGHT NOW and you can apply to work with us immediately.

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Investment Wise: 

If you want us to take care of the whole funnel for you, that's $5,000-$15,000 depending on what you include:

  • A Done for You Lucrative Lead Magnet to attract only the right leads
  • Done for You landing & thank you pages to minimize lead costs & get you making money ASAP
  • A Done for You automated email sequence to transition people from your lead magnet to your premium offer
  • Ongoing, Done for You nurture emails
  • Done for You lead magnet FB ads (Yes! We can create and run your lead-magnet related Facebook ads so everything is completely hands off for you!)

And, if you just want ongoing nurture eails or a one-off email sequence, those start at $1,000/mo or $2,500 for a one-off sequence. 

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably better off investing in one of our DIY products here or joining our Done With You community when it’s live.

Otherwise, put in your email below if we haven’t scared you away yet:

Now, I’ve already mentioned we don’t work with everyone so you can…

Close This Page and Leave If…

1. You don't have a "face" for the business...

If all your emails come from “TEAM at YOUR COMPANY,” then I’m sorry, but we can’t help you (unless you're willing to change that). Our email approach relies on...

A unique personality, philosophy, and voice...

Which is impossible to do when you’re sending emails as the whole company.

2. You think email is the "magic bullet" to all your business problems

Yes, email is great.

But if your offer is broken, your product suite is jank, and your refund rate is 20%…

Email isn’t going to fix that.

But hey, you can still join the email list and get Ilya’s help to unjank your business before you work with the whole team.

3. You run a biz opp offer

For example: “Done for You” Amazon FBA or dropshipping stores, teaching people how to make money online with a method you’ve never used, or anything that requires you to pose in front of a rented lambo to get customers.

If 99.9% of people who buy your product will fail...

EVEN if they do everything you teach them to… You’re not a good fit.

Still Here?

Congrats! You might be a good fit to work with us!

And, since you’ve read all of that text above, I want to give you a little reward.

Here’s a link you can use which will always have at least one slot open to book a call with us to see if you’re a good fit… After you join the email list of course.

And, for everyone else who didn’t read as closely as you…

Here are the FQNOEAs!

AKA the Fake Questions No One’s Ever Asked... But that you still might be interested in.

Why do I have to join your email list before working with you?

Because that’s how we choose to do business?

In all seriousness, we’ve found that the more you understand our approach, our philosophy, and our way of doing things - the better we’ll work together.

And the best way to do that is for you to actually experience our strategy before having us do it for you.

I really want to work with you and don’t want to wait until you re-open your DFY option. What do I do?

Option 1:

You can put down deposit of $500 to schedule a call and talk about your specific situation. Just reach out to us through email to get the payment link.

If we decide not to work together on the call, you’ll get that entire deposit back. And if we do work together, that deposit will go towards your first payment!

Oh, if you try do this and you’re not subscribed to our email list we will cancel our call and ban you from working with us for life.

Option 2:

Wait until we re-open our DFY spots or go work with someone else. It’s pretty simple.

What’s required of me when we work together?

Our goal is to make this as hands off for you as possible, but duplicating your voice and telling your stories will require a little bit of work on your end, especially at the start of our relationship. This varies depending on the project, but generally this means:

  • Filling out our onboarding questionnaire so we know how you think, what you believe, and what products you have.
  • Joining the 1 hour onboarding call so we can dive deeper into your answers.
  • Jumping on a 1 hour call per month with our content strategist to discuss email ideas for next month, any specific products you'd like to promote, and as a general check-in. (Voxer and similar apps work great too if you don’t like calls.)

Do you write eCom emails? 


Client Results

Raitis from ThriveCoursesStudio

Getting $12,000+/mo in recouped revenue from their email list

Raitis had a problem

The same problem so many other business owners face.

He had a steadily growing email list of 10,000... A lot of those leads were high-quality... And yet, he rarely emailed them.

He did the typical dance so many busy entrepreneurs do. 

He didn't send out emails for months, and then, when a new product was released or a new promotion was created, he would send an email or two and marvel at the results.

He'd say "OK I'm going to send weekly emails..."

And then forget about his list for another couple months

Sounds familiar?

It should. It's the same story I hear from nearly every business owner I talk to.

They know they should be sending out more emails and they know how much money they're leaving on the table...

But they just. don't. have. time. 

Which is why Raitis came to us.

At first he was worried we wouldn't get his voice right.

It's a common worry. Completely natural.

But after working together on a couple emails he was surprised to find that our emails sound more like him than his emails!

That's not all, of course.

Now, sounding good is great, but what about the CASH? I'm sure you're itching to hear about the cold, hard cash so I won't put it off for any longer.

It cost them $200-$350 to get one booked call from ads. 

They were selling a five figure Done for You service so they could afford that. 

But you know what they couldn't afford?

Losing all of that hidden revenue they had lurking in their email list!

At first we started with 1 email a week to rewarm the list and get them used to the fact we were going to email weekly.

And we started consistently getting them...

5-10 booked calls from their email list PER WEEK. 

At $300 per booked call that would cost $1,500 to $3,000 a week from ads. Nearly $12,000 per month!

But we didn't stop there.

We increased the frequency to 2 emails a week, improved the lead magnet conversions, and started getting 10-20 booked calls per week WHILE growing their email list. 

That's $12,000-$24,000 in recouped revenue per MONTH just from sending out a couple emails... If that's not a testimonial to the power of email, I don't know what is. 

Now, I have to be fair...

We can't take all the credit here.

Raitis already had a solid business in place. He had a solid sales team in place. He knew numbers and his audience.

If this wasn't the case, could we still have gotten results for him?

I'm willing to bet yes.

But did this make it much easier and smoother to get results for him? 


That's why when you apply to work with us, we don't take on everyone.

Sometimes you're better off using our DIY options. Sometimes you're better off booking some ongoing consulting calls to get other areas of your business in shape before you work with us. And sometimes we're just not the right fit!

But if you already have a business in place with a proven offer and a proven way to sell that offer... And you know that getting qualified leads or reaching those leads is your biggest bottleneck then you might be a perfect fit for our Done for You Services.

From $350 per booked call... To $40. 

Their lead magnet was already aligned with the Lucrative Lead Magnet principles so it was performing well. 

They were getting $3-$4 leads from Facebook at scale and eventually converting those leads to customers.

The only problem? 

It took too long to turn leads into customers and their cost per booked call from these leads was still hovering around $200-$300/booked call

That was on-par with their other funnels, but we thought we could do better. And we did. A LOT better. 

And it didn't even require a very complicated change...

In fact the whole update took less than a day!

Raitis, the founder, is incredible on video so we wrote up a super short script for him to record that smoothly reaffirmed the lead magnet they already got while pushing on the next pain point that they were already very intimately familiar with. 

The goal was to get booked calls with their sales team for their Done for You services which started at $7,000. 

Which is why we also embedded a Calendly link with some very specific questions into the page to filter out the high-quality leads from the looksie-loos so we didn't waste their sales team's time. 

The results?

Booked calls for just $40... At Scale!

And these weren't bunk leads either!

Many of them converted to high-ticket customers for their course-creation services. How's that for a double-whammy funnel?

Getting leads for $3... While getting booked sales calls for $40... While selling a $7,000+ service... 

Pretty easy to scale your business when your funnel looks like that, no? 

Now, the whole process wasn't super complicated. A lot of it was common sense, really. But the reality is: common sense isn't so common and there are certain details in the script, the Calendly questions, and the post-booked call emails that allowed us to filter for the high-quality leads immediately while warming up the leads that weren't quite ready to commit just yet. 

Here's what the updated page looked like: 

Cathy From Empowered Divorcee

$9,060 from an email list of <1000... That hasn't been emailed in 4 months.

Cathy wanted to run a Black Friday offer, but there was a problem.

Well, there were a couple problems, but let's focus on one thing at a time.

She hasn't emailed her list in over 4 months. (This is super common by the way.)

Plus, the welcome email wasn't set up so many of the people on her list had absolutely 0 idea they were even a part of it!

So how did we fix this?

First, we have to give props to Cathy.

She was extremely coachable, trusted our expertise, and was quick to implement all the edits we asked her to do to her site, offer, sales pages, and more... But more on this later.

For the emails: first we send out our 2-email reengagement sequence. This let her list know why they were receiving the email, warmed up her list, and got some replies going. 

Then we started working on funnel.

You see, Cathy wrote the sales page herself and like many experts she fell into a common trap. 

She KNEW how valuable her program was. She KNEW that her methods worked. And she KNEW how important it all was.

But because she knew that, she basically assumed her audience knew that as well... But that's never the case!

Now, this entire campaign took less than 2 weeks so we didn't have time to completely rewrite and restructure the sales page so we did the next best thing.

We adjusted the headline, subhead, and some above the fold content, added 3 more sections to the page...

And we had the emails do the heavy lifting.

When you know your sales page converts well your goal in each email should be to sell the click. That's it. 

But when your sales page isn't a high-converting powerhouse you have to do more selling in the actual email.

A LOT more.

Some of the emails we sent for her were nearly 1,000 words long! And they worked!

Even though her email list was just ~950 people... Even though she hasn't emailed her list in over 4 months... Even though we had just 2 weeks to prepare and run this whole campaign...

Cathy still came away with $9060 and a whole bunch of members in her new coaching program!

More Happy Clients

I didn't look at the script until the evening before I had to do [record] it. But when I read it, it just flowed really well. It was almost like I wrote it so I could read it off pretty quickly and it was easy. 

Justin Currie

Founder, MastersOfHomeCare.com

We sent out one of Ilya's emails to our newsletter list and we were blown away at the response from our readers! His work was very noteworthy. For the entire launch, 66 people signed up for the course or the course + 1 on 1. 

Kristina & Eric

Founders, HemochromatosisHelp.com

You are a freaking genius Ilya and you have a way with words! I love it! I really like how you draw the customer in with all the cool information and slight persuasion without being too pushy. 

Orlandria Johnson

Founder, PinealMusic.com