Create powerful, persuasive, high-converting sales content up to 10x faster

With the Ultimate Persuasion Kit

Get All 50 Fill in the Blank Templates for  just $7!

Create powerful, persuasive, high-converting

sales content up to 10x faster

With The Ultimate Persuasion Kit

Get All 50 Fill in the Blank
Templates for  just $27!

This includes 50+ fill in the blank copywriting templates for...

Sales Pages

Upsell Pages

Landing Pages

Launch Emails

Facebook Ads

Downsell Pages

Video Sales Letters

Nurture Emails

Order Bumps

And much more...

This includes 50+ fill in the blank copywriting templates for...

Sales Pages

Facebook Ads

Landing Pages

Video Sales Letters

Order Bumps

Upsell Pages

Launch Emails

Downsell Pages

Nurture Emails

And much more...

Get ALL your sales content done... Up to 10x faster!

Say goodbye to staring at the blank page hoping to squeeze out a small drop of genius sales content from your brain.

Just take these proven templates, make some super simple, quick tweaks to fit your niche, product, and audience…

And start making more sales, getting more leads, and attracting higher quality customers than ever before!

Funnels that would have previously taken you days or even weeks to write… You'll be able to finish in a couple hours... if not less!

Now, these aren’t some random templates written by AI or a copywriter from Fiverr who doesn’t even speak English… Oh no!

These are battle-tested templates that have been meticulously crafted by a professional copywriter with nearly a decade of experience!

As of March 2023, copy created from these templates has generated millions of revenue selling $7 info products, $1,000 courses, and even $35,000 coaching programs!

This is the real deal and when you use these in your business you’re nearly guaranteed to see higher conversions, more sales, and more leads.

And that’s not even accounting for all the time and headache you’ll save!

Worst Case Scenario:

 You can invest in this today, try it out for a whole year, and if at the end of the year you’re unhappy, 

get a FULL refund. It’s as simple as that!

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

You’re ready to promote your new, beautiful product…

You’ve spend days, weeks, maybe even months creating it and you just know it’s going to change people’s lives…

And now you’re ready to reveal it to the world and start making money…

But there’s a problem.

None of your sales content is done!

But since the product is done, this should be the easy part… Right?

So you sit down, get your trusty cup of coffee or tea…

And stare at the blank page.

And, oh crap! It’s not just the sales page you need to write, but also the…

  • Facebook ads
  • Email sequences
  • Thank you pages, upsells, downsells…

The list goes on and on.

This can be incredibly overwhelming and until today...

You only had 3 options…

1. Hire an expert copywriter…

They’ll know exactly what they’re doing… and they’ll charge you like it too.

For most solo business owners this isn’t a sustainable option… So they turn to option number 2:

2. Hire a new copywriter!

They’re cheaper, they love your company and…

After getting back the first draft of the copy you wish you didn’t hire them at all.

Which brings us to the final option:

3. Write it all yourself.

You spend dozens or 100s of hours banging out a sales page and a couple ads that you’re not completely happy with…

And then they barely convert!

So you end up wasting a whole bunch of time and energy and money on testing your sales content!

But what if you could......

  • Get all your sales content done 10x faster…
  • Without paying $1,000s for a professional copywriter? 
  • And still get high quality, high-converting sales content?

Well, now you can!

Just use these battle-tested templates to make your writing easier, faster, and much more effective.

Funnels that would have previously taken you days or even weeks to write… you can now finish in a couple hours or less.

All you have to do is:

  • Pull up the sales content templates
  • Fill out the simple, fill-in the blank sections
  • Watch the sales or opt-ins roll in!

Get the Ultimate Persuasion Kit for Only $27

Here’s Everything You Get When You Invest Just $27

Into the Ultimate Persuasion Kit:

6 High Converting
Sales Page Templates

It’s nearly impossible to sell anything without a sales page, but a sales page is often the hardest piece of copy to write! That's why inside of the Ultimate Sales Kit you'll get 5 Short-Form sales page templates and 1 Long-Form sales page templates. Get your sales page content done 10x faster with these templates!

6 Video Sales Letter Templates

Video sales letters are incredibly powerful... But also incredibly hard to write. If you get them right, you could unlock a six, or even a seven, figure funnel. If you get them wrong... Well, it's a lot easier to get them wrong and waste a whole bunch of money. That's why you get 6 high-converting VSL templates including 3 landing page VSLs, 1 YouTube Ad VSL, and 2 Facebook ad VSLs.

5 Powerful Landing Page Templates

Getting customers is important, but so is getting leads - especially if you're just starting out! Use these high-converting landing page templates to get more conversions for your lead magnet or webinar. You'll get 2 lead magnet templates and 3 webinar templates
 (that can be adjusted to fit any niche and freebie.)

18 Nearly Ready to Send Emails

Email marketing is where the bulk of revenue comes from for smart businesses, but writing emails can be an absolute pain. That's why you get a total of 18 email templates inside of the kit, including a full, 7 day launch sequence, 2 additional launch emails, last chance email, and relationship building and sales emails you can apply to any product or service. 

6 Facebook Ad & 3 Upsell
Page Templates

Maximize your spend on Facebook with these high converting Facebook ad copy templates for both top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel! Then, once you're done with those, maximize your average order value with upsell page templates and 1 upsell VSL template in this kit. 

8 Micro Templates

These are small, but powerful! Get 3 order maximization templates with high-converting order bumps, spice up your sales page conversions with common FAQs, and maximize conversions with powerful money-back guarantees! Plus, use the powerful bullet templates to maximize conversions in emails, ads, landing pages, sales pages, and pretty much anything you write.

PLUS, Get All Of These Exclusive Bonuses 

With Your Purchase!

Simple Funnel Math for Fun & Profit

The fastest way to scale any business is with ads.

But what do you do if you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on them?

The good news is: you can start with as little as $100 IF you understand the funnel-math basics I go over in this training. (It's the exact process I'm using to launch this product!)

The High-Converting Landing Page Checklist

Is your landing page converting as well as it could or should be? For most clients I work with the answer is no.

But what do you actually do if you feel like your landing page isn't converting? What do you focus on? What do you change?

This checklist gives you all the answers. 

The 3 Mindset Pillars of Writing Successful Copy

Learning to write profitable copy can take years, but if you're like most business owners you already have a thousand other things on your plate.

However, if you understand just these 3 key pillars when writing any piece of copy, you will be miles ahead of any business owner. No years of training or thousands of hours of staring at the blank page required.

Now, this is a whole smorgasboard of templates and bonuses…

And if you hired a professional copywriter to write all of these for you…

This would cost $5,000+

I know… I know… Sounds like a ridiculous, made-up number.

But let’s see if it makes sense once I break it down for you.

When writing directly for my clients I usually charge...


Most short-form sales pages and video sales letters (11 included in the Kit) take me at least 3 hours to write. Usually around 5-10.

Most long-form sales pages (1 included in the Kit) take me anywhere from 10-25 hours to write.

And each email, Facebook ad, and shorter form copy can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on length, complexity, and industry.

That’s what I’m basing the $5,000 number on.

Even if you take the low-end estimates of $80/hour and minimum amount of time for each template…

At minimum...

Each short form sales page and video sales letter would cost $240 (11 included = $2640 of value)

Each long-form sales page would cost $800 (1 included = $800)

Each email and landing page would cost at least $40 (23 included = $920)

Each ad, upsell, order bump, and micro template would cost at least $40. (15 included = $600)

For a total of: $4960

Now, this brings up a very logical question

All this for just $27? What’s the catch?

The “catch” is very simple. There’s actually 3 of them:

I want to WOW you with value for this purchase.


It’s the old “give value upfront so people want to keep working with you” trick.

Yes, I hope this isn’t the only product you buy from me. If it is, I’ll probably lose money.

Yes, I hope that you’ll be so impressed you’ll tell your friends...

But even if you still only decide to take me up on this deal, I’ll feel good about it because I KNOW how transformative these templates will be for your business.

I think I can still make money
(or avoid losing money) at this price point.

Not a ton of money.

But just enough to run the ad campaigns, cover my expenses, and either break even or make a small profit on the front-end.

If I’m wrong - I’ll up the discounted price to $19… Then $29… And keep bumping it up until the numbers work out.

(If you’re wondering what I mean by “the numbers work out” then BONUS #1 - Simple Funnel Math for Fun & Profit will show you exactly what I mean and how you can apply it to your business.)

After seeing how good these templates are, I’m convinced you’ll want to keep working with me.

Maybe it will be 1 on 1…

Maybe you’ll decide to join one of my marketing memberships…

Or maybe you’ll decide to partner with me.

Either way, I figure the best way to do this is by offering you insane value upfront.

Not a bad deal, right?

I agree! Give me these templates!  

Wait who are you?

Right! I forgot to introduce myself, so rude of me!

My name is Ilya Poltavets (pronounced like the Iliad, but without the “d” at the end).

I first entered the online business world 10 years ago when I created my first profitable affiliate site (which I later sold for $21,000) and I haven't left since.

Since then I’ve had the great fortune of getting hired as a Director of Marketing, running my own animated video agency, and making a full-time income working online.

As I worked with more and more clients I realized that I love working with impact-oriented coaches and course creators the most - which is why I transitioned to this niche full-time 3 years ago.

Since then I’ve worked with 210+ course creators and coaches in almost any niche you can think of.

  • Making money online? So many.
  • Laundromats? Yep.
  • Music? Yep again.
  • Relationships? Some of my favorite clients!
  • Real estate? At least 50.
  • I’ve sold products for these clients anywhere between $5 and $35,000.

    My copy singlehandedly transformed one company’s funnel for a $35,000 product when I redid their Google, YouTube, and Facebook ad copy and I cut their costs by 40%.

    I took another company from zero, yes zero, to $2,500 a month with a funnel I fully created for them…on a $10 per day ad spend.

    Now, I’m not telling you all this just to brag.

    I’m telling you this to show you that what I do works.

    No matter what your niche is, whether it’s real estate investing or horse grooming, my templates can help you transform your business.

    The clients I’ve worked with are smart people. They could figure out how to write copy on their own.

    But when you’re working on building a business, staring at a blank page for hours on end trying to get your thoughts down cohesively is…a massive waste of your time.

    And that’s coming from someone who has spent thousands of hours staring at blank pages.

    But don't just take it from me...

    To summarize, here's everything you get for just $27...

    Try these out for 365 days at absolutely no risk to you!

    Get the templates today, play around with them, test them out in your funnel and see for yourself the incredible results that proven direct-response copy can do for you.

    If you're unhappy with the templates for any reason or think they weren't worth the $27 you've invested, just reach out to me for a full refund - whether it's 1 day or 364 days from now.



    If you're a coach or course creator this kit was designed specifically for you! 

    Whether you're selling a course on dating, helping people with parenting, make money online - heck, even starting a successful laundromat business - this kit will help you get more leads, sales, clients, and customers!


    This bundle usually sells for $99, but as a part of a special launch campaign to gather testimonials and feedback I'm offering a big discount. 

    Plus, if you know marketing speak, this is my affordable front-end offer. My goal is to give you so much value at such a ridiculous price for this offer that you'll want to buy everything I will ever offer so you can scale your business even faster!

    Pretty evil, right?


    If you can't tell by looking at this page... I'm not a designer. So no. You don't get pre-built designs.

    But this means you have the flexibility of using the copy from these templates anywhere. Using ClickFunnels? Plop it in there! Using Kajabi? Plop it in there! Using some antiquated, smoke-signal style based-website? Plop it in there!


    Nope! If you know how to use Google Drive, you already know all you need to edit these!

    (And yes, you also get a Word Doc version if you prefer that.)


    Nope! These are based on timeless psychology and direct response principles. Plus once you adjust them to fit your voice, product, market, and offer they'll be completely different from what anyone else in your niche would come up with - even if they use the exact same template as you!

    Plus, since this kit contains 50 templates the odds that someone in your exact niche uses the same exact template as you are incredibly low. 


    Nope! These are for your own personal use only. 


    No worries! That's why I'm offering a 365 day guarantee. 

    Just download the Kit today, try it for yourself, and if you don't seen a boost in sales, leads, clients, or customers, just reach out to me for a full refund - whether it's 1 day or 364 days from now.

    Skipped to the bottom of the page?

    That's OK, I do that too.

    Here's the quick summary:

    There are 50 sales templates inside the Ultimate Persuasion Kit for every step of your funnel.

    Sales pages, sales videos, upsells, downsells, emails, ads... You get it all!

    They're super simple to edit, you can get immediate access when you buy today, and if you're not happy with it within the next 365 days you can get a no-questions-asked refund.

    Oh, and they're usually $99, but as part of a limited-time prelaunch you can get them for just $27. 

    Get the Ultimate Persuasion Kit for Only $27