Done for You Email List Management

We’ll Create Your Email Strategy, Write Emails Every Month, and Send Them Out… 

All You Have to Do Is Watch the Sales Roll In.

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You Know You Should Be Emailing Your List More Often…

And you hopefully know that consistently emailing your list means...

Building a much stronger relationship with your audience

Making a lot more money

And creating a lot more impact…

But if you’re like most business owners we work with, you’re probably not sending out nearly enough emails,
and not for a lack of trying!

That's where we come in!

We’ll take care of all of your nurture emails for you so you get all the benefits of consistent, authentic, relationship-building emails…

Without any of the work!

Now, could you write these emails yourself?

With some training, most definitely.

But it’s not a question of

“could you do this?”

It’s a question of:

WILL you do this?

And if you do, is it the most valuable use of your time?

For most of the people we work with the answer is ...

I’d like to consistently do this myself, but I know I’m not going to, so I hired the Persuasion Whispers team instead.

Here’s What’s Included:

We have different options ranging from 1 email a week to 1 email per day.

this all depends: 

on your business
your goals
and the number of products you have 

(You can ask our recommendation when you book a call with us.)

But each option includes the following:

Kickoff Strategy Call 

We jump on a call together, get to know each other, your goals for your business, and your voice. Then we’ll move on to…

Email Strategy Planning

We plan out the email strategy for the next month including what products to promote. This includes the next stage which is…

Email Idea Planning

We come up with email ideas for the next month based on your business goals, products, and email frequency.

Email Ghostwriting

We write all the emails in your voice while giving your audience the opportunity to buy. This builds goodwill and improves your relationship with your audience WHILE making sales.

Email Platform Management

We upload all the emails into your email marketing software, test them, and send them out!

Ongoing Support

Since we send each email to you for approval before we send it out, we have ongoing communication throughout the project. If you ever have questions during the process you’ll have a way to contact us where we’ll get back to you within 24 hours + a way to reach us for email emergencies.

Ongoing Strategy Calls

Depending on which plan below you select, we can also jump on a couple calls every month to discuss strategy, email goals, etc. We’re flexible on how we accomplish this because we know you might hate calls and have no time… Or you might LOVE calls and rather do that than respond to our Voxer messages.

Choose the Right Option for You

The Weekly

  • All inclusive email list management
  • 4 emails per month
  • Up to 1 email strategy calls per month (1hr)

The Biweekly

  • All inclusive email list management
  • 8 emails per month
  • Up to 2 email strategy calls per month (1hr)

The Daily

  • All inclusive email list management
  • Up to 31 emails per month
  • Up to 3 email strategy calls per month (1hr)

Yes, you have to have a quick chat with us before we work together.
This way we can make sure that we can actually help you and that you'll be cool to work with.

Who is it for?

In short, this is for anyone who:

  • Has products or service to sell
  • Has a growing email list
  • And wants to make more money

This will work for you if you're a...


Course Creator

Agency Owner



Or Author

We can help ya out as long as...

You are open to text-based, personality-based emails...

You’re not a part of one of our banned niches (Mostly “business opportunity niches” and faceless eCom)...

And you’re cool to work with.


Do I have to book a call with you to work with you?

No, but we have to have a quick chat through email, messenger, or smoke signals - whichever way is your preferred method of communication. We do this because we want to make sure that you’re getting the right package for you and that you qualify to work with us. (As a reminder, we don’t usually work with businesses in the “business opportunity” space or eCom brands with no clear personality.)

How long are the emails you send out?

It depends on your business, your goals, and what your sales pages look like. Usually we aim for around 300-600 words per email, but we’ve had emails hit 1,000+ words before when we had to do most of the selling inside the email. We’ve also had emails that end up being just 100 words or less, but this only happens when you have a high-quality, proven sales page we can send traffic to.

I have a very unique voice. Can you write the emails in my voice?

Yas queen! The more unique the better! We have a process for duplicating your voice and while it might take a bit longer depending on how picky you are, we can usually get it dialed in within the first 2-3 emails.

Do you have some sort of guarantee?

You mean one of those “if we don’t get you 10 billion clients within 2 days of working with us, we’ll refund you every penny and keep working with you until you get 10 billion clients” type of guarantee?

Nope. We don’t.

Email is a long-term game. We’re looking for clients we can work with for years. Not clients who will get skittish after the first 14 days and look to run away because they didn’t make 10 billion dollars from email. That’s why we don’t have a guarantee.

That’s also why we don’t take on every client who wants to work with us. We can afford to be picky because we think long-term… And we look for people who think long-term too.

Which package is right for me?

The best way to decide this is to book a call with us to chat about your unique situation.

In general though, the fewer products you have available for sale, the less often we recommend emailing.

So if you only have 1 product or service you sell, 4 or 8 emails per month will be perfect for you.

If you have 2-3 then 8 emails is the minimum we aim for.

And if you have 4 or more than daily emails will likely get you a very significant boost in revenue.

Isn’t 31 emails per month kind of… A lot?


Especially if you’re sending the same old “LAST CHANCE” “CLOSING SOON” and “BUY THIS THING” emails. Then yeah. It’s a lot.

But if you’re sending fun, relationship-building emails that give your audience the opportunity to buy without hard-selling them… Then daily emails are perfect!

What kind of ROI can I expect on this?

This question is impossible to answer without knowing your business, your sales process, and your current funnels. That said we try to aim for a minimum of 3x immediate ROI for all of our clients - which doesn’t account for the ROI on consistently building your relationship with your audience and building up your authority with every single email that’s sent out.

Does this include setting up new email sequences or creating new product launch sequences/limited time promos?

No. We’ll give you recommendations for email sequence updates and launch sequence ideas based on your goals, but those would be a separate investment.

The monthly fee only includes ongoing nurture emails (up to 31 per month) and strategy for those emails. Any additional sequences will be extra.

I’ve got a question not answered here.

And we got an answered that’s not here!

Just book a call with us using the link above or reach out to us through email using the button… You guess it… Above!

I'm ready to get started