Hey, Coaches & Course Creators!
I'll Make You an Extra $10-30k From Your Email List in the Next 30 Days... Or You Don't Pay.

I'll take on all the risk & get you at least a 10x ROI... But I have to make sure you're a good fit first.

Or scroll below to see how this works.

The Process Is Simple

Step 1: Prepare for Battle

If you're a fit we'll jump on 1-2 calls together so I can learn your voice, product, and preferences + I might send over a quick questionnaire. This should take a max of 3 hours on your end. 

Would you do 3 hours of work in exchange for $10-30k? I thought so ;)

Step 2: 30 Emails in 30 Days

We send out daily emails for 1 month, but these aren't just sales emails. They will help build a relationship with your list while selling. Some people will even thank you for these emails and you'll get more replies (and sales) than ever before!

Step 3: Profit & Next Steps

When the 30 days are up and you make at least 10x your investment you'll have a choice to make. We can either keep working together at my regular rate... or you pay me from your profits and we part ways with you $9,000-$27,000 richer.
($10-30k minus my 10% fee)

And the Math is Even Simpler

To get an approximate revenue number for this 30 day campaign, here's what you do:
Take the number of OPENS your average email gets and then multiply it by the numbers below. 

$30 for a $500 offer

If you get 500 opens on average... You can expect 500*$30 = $15,000.
(If your email list is smaller, to get $10,000 in extra revenue you would need to get approximately $10,000/$30 = 333 opens per email.)

$40 for a $1000 offer

If you get 500 opens on average... You can expect 500*$40 = $20,000
(This would mean that to get $10,000 in extra revenue you would need to get approximately $10,000/$40 = 250 opens per email.)

$80 for a $5000 offer

If you get 500 opens on average... You can expect 500*$80 = $40,000
(This would mean that to get $10,000 in extra revenue you would need to get approximately $10,000/$80 = 100 opens per email.)

But This Means I Can't Work With Just Anyone

To make my crazy guarantee work I have to be very deliberate about who I choose to work with.
I only take on clients who I'm 100% confident I can get results for which is why you're only a fit for this if:

You have at least 1,000 email subscribers with at least a 10-20% open rate. 

You have a product, service, or something you can sell for $500 or more. 

You have to be running an honest business that actually helps your customers. 

Take the Quick Assessment to See if You Qualify 

Hi, I'm Ilya Poltavets

I've been selling online for 8 years, both for myself, and my clients. So far I've helped almost 100 course creators create authentic and effective sales pages, sales videos, ads, and emails in pretty much any niche you can think of. Parenting, relationships, mindset, money, music... the list is quite long and I don't want to bore you with it. 
I've helped sell $9 courses, $30,000+ course creation packages, and everything in between so if you're wondering if I can sell something... the answer is probably yes.
In my free time you can find me on the golf course, surfing, or taking nature photos. 

Ilya VP

Hi Ilya, This copy is REALLY good! Thank you for all your hard work on this project. I'm honored to have you as part of the team... You're a talented copywriter! Thank you my friend!

Dave "Laundromat Millionaire" Menz

The sales script was really well written! I never looked at it until the evening before I was going to do it. So I checked it out that night and though "I'd make some changes" and I made like 3 minor little changes. When I read it it just flowed really well, it was almost like I wrote it. 

Justin Currie

You are a freaking genius & you have a way with words! I love it! I really like how you draw the customer in with all the cool information & slight persuasion without being too pushy. Thank you!

Orlandria "LannTheWriter" Johnson

Let's See How Much I Can Help You Make!

Phone (to confirm your appointment)

Take Advantage of My "I Might Be Insane" Guarantee Before I Come to My Senses

With the amount of filtering I do it's extremely unlikely we don't reach the revenue goal... but nothing in life is 100%.
Let's say we do everything right, and we "only" make you an extra $8,000 instead of $10,000.
Here are your options:

I work with you for FREE until we hit the goal.

I hope this is pretty self-explanatory. :)

You only pay for the goal we reached.

So if we made $8,000 together, you only pay $8,000/10 = $800. 

Or you don't don't pay anything at all.

If you feel like you didn't get value out of us working together... then you can choose not to pay anything at all. 

Answers to Questions You Probably Don't Have

Will this work in my niche? 

A resounding... unequivocal... maybe!

I don't know you. I don't know your business. And I don't know your products. 

Will this work for most businesses in most niches as long as you have a list of 1000+ & a $500+ product?


But if you have an extremely complex product or the last time you emailed your list was back when dial-up was a thing... This probably isn't a good fit.

That's why I always recommend filling out this form and booking a call so I can take a look at your specific situation. 

Do you send out the emails for me in my email software? 

No. I'll provide you the emails fully formatted & ready to go, but you (or one of your team members) will be the ones sending out the emails. 

This way we don't have to deal with sharing logins and other issues that can come with this. 

How do we track the revenue your campaigns bring in?

If you don't already have a way of tracking where your revenue comes from, I can help you set up a simple system that does that for you.

With some of my clients I even set up a custom cart for them to help increase conversions and make tracking a complete breeze. This is on a case by case basis though, so I recommend filling out this form and booking a call so I can take a look at your specific situation. 

I'm afraid people will unsubscribe!

1. That's not a question ;)

2. So what if they do? Would you rather have a list you never email, but no one unsubscribes from because they forget you exist or a list full of people that are there because they want to be there? Oh and the extra cash is nice too!

People signed up to your list for a reason. If you knew that each time you sent an email you would make an extra $500, but 2 people would unsubscribe... would you still do it?

Or would you keep your list dormant and "perfect?'

If it's the latter... well, this definitely ain't for you. 

I don't want to hard sell to my list. I don't like selling.

If you're talking about the gross "used car salesman" type selling. Great!

I hate it too.

It's sleazy, slimy, and people can see right through it.

But there is a way to sell in a consultative and entertaining manner and have people thank you for selling to them.

If you were a doctor and knew your patient needed to make a certain change in their life or they'd need surgery, wouldn't you do everything in your power to show them WHY this is important to them?

We'll make money by positioning you as the doctor in your niche. Not the annoying guy shouting "ONLY ONE LEFT" from the rooftops. 

Take the Quick Assessment to See if You Qualify