If You’re the Face of Your Business
And You’re Not Using Email to Its Full Potential in 2023…

You're Losing Influence, Money, & Customers by the Second!

Here's How to Stop the Bleeding...

If you're like most personality-driven business owners... You're getting drowned out by noise.

Getting your butt kicked by infinite AI-content and marketers who know nothing about your niche... Yet are still making  a whole bunch of money. 

The first step to fixing this is acceptance. 

And the second? 

Joining our daily email list to see how you can sell through email authentically, ethically, and without all the hype or BS. 

Or... If you're a specifically curious one, let's see if you agree with this simple statement: 

Your Customers Are Tired of BS!

Instead, they're looking for something real.

Someone real.

And you can be that person for them while selling as well, or even better, than your competitors who are using aggressive sales tactics.

Because while those aggressive tactics can work in the short-term...They've got a long laundry list of problems and they don't always attract the best audience.

And even if you LOVE using those aggressive sales tactics... you've probably seen that they don't work nearly as well as they used to. And that's because:

Buyers Make Decisions Differently Now

Sure, human psychology hasn't changed.

We still want fast, easy, and free. More than ever, in fact!

But we're also more cautious than ever.

We know most ads are BS. We're skeptical of promises. We hate being sold to. 

So what can you do to future-proof your business?

Focus on Relationships!

Now, this could mean recording videos, doing podcasts, or writing emails. The main point is staying top of mind for your customers while showing your personality.

Just think about the brands you buy from online.

Who gets most of your attention? Whose emails do you open as soon as they hit your inbox and who gets deleted? 

If you're like most people I know, it's not emails from large, faceless brands with their third 50% off promotion in the last month. 

It's emails from people you know. From brands that stand for something. Brands and people that have an actual personality. 

And that can, and should, be your brand.

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Speaking of relationships, I realize I haven't introduced myself yet. How rude of me!

Hi, I'm Ilya!

I've been selling online for about 8 years, both for myself and my clients. Here's some of the awesome businesses I've helped so far:

126 course creators create authentic and effective sales pages, sales videos, and ads.

Home-care? Biz opp? Life coaching, leadership, love... laundromats? Why not!

Helping a 1st chair in the LA Philharmonic sell his course on making it in the music business? You got it!

Working with dozens of course creators in the relationship niche to sell their courses on marriage, divorce, the Enneagram, or understanding humans? Sure thing!

OK, I don't want to make this list too long. I think you get the point.

Lots of niches. Lots of different voices. Lots of sales.

One writer.

A language learning startup go from $0/mo to $2,500/mo in revenue at a $10/day ad spend.

Right out of college I became a Director of Marketing for a language-learning startup.

This wouldn't be too insane because I already had 7 years of successful marketing experience before that... except:

  • When I joined the startup had no customers.
  • They had no revenue.
  • And they had no funding.

Oh, and I was only working with them 20 hours a week because they could only pay me on a commission basis... and with no sales there wasn't a ton of money coming in.

So I got to work.

I redesigned their entire website, rewrote all the pages, created multiple Facebook and YouTube ad funnels and... waited. 

Just kidding. 

I set up multiple Facebook and YouTube campaigns at a tiny budget of $10/day coming out of the founder's own pocket... and we started getting sales!

I was ready to scale... and scale... and scale... but there was another problem.

Our product just wasn't good enough yet.

We were getting customer complaints and refunds and we couldn't fix the problem fast enough because we had no engineers and no funding.

I would love to say that I persevered and stayed with this company for years. That I pulled out my Computer Science minor and became the best engineer the company has ever seen. That we fixed all the issues, made a ton of money, and rode off into the sunset.

But that would be a lie.

I was spending up to 50 hours a week on this company and I wasn't even making enough to pay my rent... so I gave the founder a 2 month notice, helped him pick a new Director of Marketing, and went off on my own. 

That was a couple years ago, and from what I see they're still using the funnels I designed and wrote for them. 

And that counts for something. Right? 

A course-creation company spending $45,000/month on ads on Facebook and Google.

I also created the strategy behind the ad campaigns and managed the ads... but that's not why you're here. Is it? 

This was my first time helping sell a high-ticket offer ($25k+) so experimenting with what worked best to pre-sell people, get them to book a call, and retarget them was a ton of fun. Both strategy and copy-wise. 

This taught me that if your offer is unique enough, good enough, and has high enough demand... the copy is just a cherry on top. Not the driving force for conversions. 

Multiple D2C eCom companies spending a total of $50k/month on Facebook ads.

What do a Shark Tank company, an eye supplement company, a men's jewelry company, and a high-end clothing label have in common?

They're all companies who I wrote Facebook ads for!

Dozens of B2B companies make their products fun (or at least more fun).

If you need someone to talk to about industrial oxygen storage, I'm your guy!

No, seriously.

I now know way too much about industrial oxygen storage, legacy enterprise resource planning systems, medical cell line authentication, and other random topics than any one person should know.

How is this useful to you? 

Maybe not very.

But working with these B2B companies allowed me to hone my research process even further (what do you mean "mold tooling" and "injection molding" are two different things?) and how to make seemingly boring concepts fun and appealing without being unprofessional. 

I've seen that hype sells, but only in the short-term.

I've seen that most people make copywriting a lot harder than it needs to be.

And I've seen that more and more lately...

People Don't Want Information. They Want Connection.

Information is ubiquitous.

But you aren’t.

Sure, you can still sell online courses, coaching programs, books, or whatever it is you sell. The need for that isn't going to go away. 

But as more and more people swing towards AI-generated, heartless content if you want to stand out you have to go the opposite way.

Everyone else will blend together. They’ll sound the same. Look the same. Feel the same.

Which You Can Use to Your Advantage

Think about it. 

If you're a course creator, do you think people would rather buy from someone who's story they know? Who shared their ups and downs with them? Someone who they feel understands them?

Or someone who shares random "tips" in their inbox every couple weeks or months?

If you're a speaker, do you think you'd get more bookings if you were sharing your stories, lessons learned, and opinions to your email list every week?

Or do you think staying quiet and emailing the list once every couple months is the better move? 

If you're a coach, author, entrepreneur... And you're not taking advantage of email...

You're Getting Drowned Out by Noise

Which means you're missing potential opportunities, both revenue wise, but also impact wise.

Because if you're here, and you've read this far, then it's very likely you do what you do not just because of money.

Sure, money is nice, let's not kid ourselves and say that "money doesn't matter."

But there's more to it than that for you.

Maybe it's helping people who used to be in the same position as you.

Maybe it's seeing the results your program brings people.

Or maybe it's a completely different form of impact.

Whatever it is, I know one thing for sure:

More Emails = More Money & More Impact

Now, that's all fine and dandy, and I'm sure you already knew this at least on a subsconsious level...

But as a business owner and the face of the busines you already have a million other things you're focused on!

Which is where we come in. 

Our goal is to help authentic, impact-oriented, and growth-focused business owners create more impact and make more money with email marketing.

If that sounds like you, just hit the button below and check out how we can help:

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